Expert: “Offshore Trust in the Netherlands is one of the best asset protection tools”

Expert: “Offshore Trust in the Netherlands is one of the best asset protection tools”

How much does an offshore asset protection trust cost?

Today, in the investment business, trust funds are the tool that solves the issue of confidentiality, protecting assets from claims of lenders and raiders, and also helps tax optimization. For more information about the asset protection, see this website

About this in the framework of the Private Banking Summit told Cornelia Tokar, the head of the international investment holding SVH.

In her opinion, the trust funds of the Netherlands are considered among the best in the EU countries.

“The advantages of the fund in the Netherlands are that it provides the owner with an opportunity to create a structure with high confidentiality. In addition, the reputation of the old, kind and reliable Europe plays a role, the lack of offshore jurisdiction status. There are no minimum fund assets requirements in such funds” – noted Cornelia Tokar.

The expert stressed that the trust fund today is the only legal mechanism for effective taxation, and the use of a trust is a good alternative to the standard testament.

“A trust is an inheritance without possible negative consequences, namely, an inheritance tax. This is the transfer of assets to the heirs without forced inheritance and the allocation of mandatory shares in the inheritance, without a long period of entry into the inheritance,” said Cornelia Tokar.

Speaking about the specifics of the trust fund in the Netherlands, the expert also said that the beneficiaries are entitled to receive a portion of the profits based on the results of the investment and management of the property transferred to the fund. This interest is not fixed by the “right of justice”, but by the corporate regulation of the fund: the charter or the memorandum of association.

“How the fund works: the founder transfers assets (real estate, precious metals, stocks, money) to the trust fund, and in return, the fund, after transferring the full amount of investment, provides depositary receipts registered by a notary, which give the beneficiary the right to return assets and make a profit. Assets, based on the economic situation, to invest in real estate, precious metals, securities, to spend money on bank accounts “, – said the head of the board of international investment SVH Cornelia Tokar boarding.

According to the expert, another advantage of the trust fund in the Netherlands is that the fund has no restrictions in geography, its clients can be individuals of any nationality, and the investments made by the fund are not limited to Holland – can be made in any country in the world.

Recall that on September 26-27, the Private Banking Summit is held in Kiev, within which leading economists and experts in the banking sector carry out an examination of the private banking services market, and also share experiences in solving problems in this area.

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