Coming and past shows

Here are some of the places we're going to play one of these days.

Venue: When: Details: Pics:
Spoorloos Emmen 11/01/2008 Support for Supergalo N/A
Café de Walrus 21/12/2007 BAND PRESENTATION N/A
Café the Stage 13/07/2007 Opening of music Café the Stage N/A
Flatbar Selwerd II 21/06/2007 Midsummernight party N/A
Camping de Motorschuur 19/05/2007 More details to follow N/A
Punt 1 12/05/2007 More details to follow N/A
Brasserie Emmen 26/03/2007 Monday Night Music Club N/A
M.C. Waardeloos 06/01/2007 MC Waardeloos New Year get together N/A
MC Waardeloos, summerparty 26/08/2006 The MC Waardeloos annual summer party N/A
Café de Walrus 18/08/2006 With the Heavens devils. N/A
MC Waardeloos, revisited 04/06/2006 Yeah, MC waardeloos revenge for our cancelled date in februari N/A
De Pluu, Winsum 11/03/2006 Punk festival, de Pluu in Winsum. More details to follow! here
MC Waardeloos -- CANCELLED! 11/02/2006 Motorclus Waardeloos in Finsterwolde -- CANCELLED! N/A
Café de Walrus 23/12/2005 Farewell party, more info to come N/A
Café de Walrus 21/10/2005 Brömmerhead party 2005 N/A
Spijkerpop Niekerk / Oldekerk 26/08/2005 Spijkerpop festival in Niekerk / Oldekerk here
Platform theater 10/04/2005 Rooie Oortjes Zomaar Festival N/A
Platform theater 23/01/2005 Rooie Oortjes festival 2005 N/A
Café de Walrus 28/01/2005 RnR nite Café de Walrus, Groningen. With Halfaday here
Finsterwolde 18/09/2004 Motorclub Waardeloos stadskanaal N/A
Simplon 25/11/2004 Jongerencentrum Simplon, Groningen N/A
Stadskanaal 11/12/2004 Motorclub The Slaves N/A

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