Acid Eaters started out as a Ramones coverband, calling ourself NotTheRamones but unfortunatly there already was another Ramones coverband in town called the R'moons.

"This town ain't big enough for the two of us!" cried we, "right" they said, "start packing". Well to make a long story short: we aren't very violent types and furthermore we were outnumbered, especially when Freek left the band to work as a diving instructor for 6 months. So we gave up the town.

When Freek rejoined us 6 months later we were ready to take on a new style. Rehearsing and writing our own songs this time. In january 2003 we were ready to record our first demo-cd "Icecream girl". At the same time we started looking for a drummer to complement out merry little setup.

In march 2004, drummer Michel joined the band

The new line up gives the band a more mature sound and our energetic live performances show a confident band with apparent joy in playing a varied style of music. From silly Country ditties to Rock 'n Roll to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, all done with the same flair and enthousiasm.

In early 2007 a new demo cd "Stumblin' Home" is released, containing six tracks that showcase our varied influences.

In 2008 Michel leaves the band for personal reasons. Though sad to see him go we remained confident a replacement would be found. During the year some succesful gigs were played with temporary replacement Pepijn.

January 2009 Acid Eaters finally finds a permanent drummer in Martijn and starts to rehearse to play live again as a band. Addition of Martijn brings the line up to:

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